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An overview of civil litigation

If you are involved in a dispute with someone else, you may find the situation becoming more frustrating and time consuming. When such a dispute involves your business, it can mean diverting valuable time and resources to the issue with no end in sight. However, even if the matter is personal, you may find yourself taking time away from your job and family while you protect your rights.

One way to resolve such a situation is through civil litigation. Taking this step is appropriate when the dispute is costing you money or preventing you from exercising your rights. It is different from a criminal trial because the results will not include criminal penalties, such as jail. Instead, you are looking for a legal decision that will compensate you for your loss and clarify your rights. Civil litigation can be complex and challenging, but it may be the surest way to reach a resolution.

Quality representation

A civil case can involve many types of disputes. For example, you may disagree with your neighbor over your property line, or you may feel your contractor violated the construction contract you agreed to. Civil litigation can include a dispute with an employer, or you may be seeking compensation for injuries caused by someone else's negligence.

Each type of civil case has its unique elements, so it is wise to have an attorney who has skill and experience in many areas. Your legal representative should have a firm grasp of New Hampshire laws related to your case and the ability to communicate well and negotiate skillfully. Negotiation is especially important if you expect to use alternative dispute resolution methods for at least some of the issues in question.

Resolving your conflict

Mediation, arbitration or other forms of dispute resolution may save you time and money. Even if you cannot resolve all of your issues, you may be able to reach agreements on some elements of the case. This can reduce the amount of time you will spend in the courtroom, but you may still have to take your case through other stages of litigation.

The discovery phase is a long process when both sides share their evidence with each other. Often, this is when one or the other party decides to offer a settlement instead of going to trial. If you proceed to trial, however, it will be important to have quality representation that can guide you through the process and assist you in determining whether a settlement offer is fair.

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