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Does your coffee come with a shot of carcinogens?

Unfortunately, not every product sold to the public is safe for use. But in many cases, the dangers of a product are made transparent to its consumers. Buyers know that a product is unsafe due to the package’s warning labels such as those found on alcohol and cigarette products as required by law.

Shockingly one judge has ordered another product to be added to the list of mandatory warning labels – coffee. Here’s how one California ruling is making coffee lovers everywhere think twice about their morning pick-me-up.

Court says coffee poses significant risk to consumers

A recent ruling in California took a stab at coffee shops after a non-profit organization prevailed in the lengthy legal battle over carcinogenic coffee beans. The lawsuit began nearly eight years ago led by the Nonprofit Council for Education and Research on Toxics (CERT) who alleged that acrylamide, a known carcinogen in coffee, is dangerous to consumers. The chemical is a byproduct of the coffee bean roasting process.

After numerous researchers presented evidence in support of CERT’s claims a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge ruled that coffee retailers, including big names like Starbucks, are now required to include cancer warnings on all of their coffee products.

But is acrylamide really that dangerous? Should coffee lovers like you be worried?

Researchers torn over the danger of acrylamide

Many individuals are unaware of just how prevalent acrylamide is in their everyday products. The National Cancer Institute says that the chemical is in starchy food products such as potatoes, some sugars, crackers, cookies and even canned olives. It’s also found in other products such as dyes, plastic and paper.

Yet despite the judge’s ruling, not all researchers agree that the chemical is dangerous. Prominent researchers from the World Health Organization have yet to find a conclusive link between coffee to cancer. Other highly regarded institutions such as the American Cancer Society have doubts about the side effects of acrylamide exposure citing that previous studies were flawed.

Despite the disagreement within the scientific community, the judge believed that there was enough evidence to support the nonprofit’s claim about carcinogenic cancer. The mandatory warnings will soon appear in California cafes nationwide. Whether coffee is truly dangerous or not it is surely making some coffee lovers think twice when ordering their cup of joe.

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