Your Parenting Role Is Too Important To Settle For An Inexperienced Lawyer

In the event of a divorce or the end of a relationship, couples with children must make important decisions regarding the future health and well-being of their children. The family law attorneys at Martin, Lord & Osman, P.A., can provide you with the expert guidance you need as you draft a parenting plan that includes an in-depth and actionable child custody agreement.

Factors To Consider When Drafting A New Hampshire Child Custody Agreement

A child custody agreement is a necessary document in the event that a relationship is ending between two parents, and it can be one of the most challenging agreements to navigate. When working with an understanding and determined attorney, you will be able to create a child custody plan that meets the unique and individual needs of the children who will be impacted by the change. The following factors can and should be considered as you work with your attorney to create a child custody arrangement:

  • The child's current age, stage of life, personal needs, physical needs and emotional needs
  • Each parent's ability to provide a stable residence
  • The ability and desire of the parents to cooperate with one another
  • The current primary caregiver of the children
  • The physical location of each individual parent

Types Of Custody Arrangements

You will want to review the various types of custody arrangements in order to determine which option is best for your children. Sole legal custody and sole physical custody, for example, give one parent the right to make major decisions regarding the child's welfare and allow the child to live primarily with that parent. Shared legal custody and shared physical custody require both parents to cooperate in order to make important decisions and create a custody plan together.

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In order to develop a parenting plan and child custody agreement that prioritizes the best interests of your children, it's important to work with a qualified attorney who will advocate for you. A lawyer with experience in child custody agreements and family law will provide you with the guidance you need as you navigate through these challenging circumstances.

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