Elder Law

Elder law services are in higher demand today with shifting demographics. Some kind of legal help will likely be needed by all of us at some point in our later years.
Professional legal services for older people is an important societal need. Consider some elder law facts. Older people face more issues such as:

  • Age discrimination
  • Obtaining federal benefits such as Social Security and Supplemental Security Income
  • Appeals from denial of Medicare benefits
  • Establishing Medicaid eligibility
  • Housing problems
  • Mental incapacity and guardianship
  • Abusive or poor quality home health or nursing home care

Elder Law services encompass many facets of the law including estate planning, property management, health care planning and public benefits. The attorneys at Martin, Lord & Osman who practice Elder Law often go beyond traditional legal issues. By advice, referral, or direct assistance we strive to help our clients address problems in securing health and social services and work closely with other professionals such as health care providers.