General Counsel For Business Entities

Serving as General Counsel to your limited liability company, corporation, family business or professional association enables you to seek advice from our business attorneys on a wide range of matters. We help the business owner at the start-up phase by creating the business entity to providing by-laws, the governing documentation of the business.

Once the business is established, general counsel becomes involved in many aspects of the day-to-day legal needs of the company. These needs could range from employment matters, financing issues, contracts with third parties and customers to commercial transactions, sales and acquisitions, intellectual property licensing, business planning, and succession planning. In addition, our corporate paralegal team assists with the management of corporate formalities, such as annual filings with the New Hampshire Secretary of State.

When you hire one of our business attorneys as your general counsel you are assured of representation in the event of a claim and there is always someone who you can rely on for advice when a question arises during the ordinary course of business.